Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas is coming and the shoppers are ready to hit the malls and find the best bargains they can. It all starts the day after Thanksgiving. The Friday morning after Thanksgiving is when the malls will be packed as soon as they open and everyone will be looking for the hottest gifts of the season on sale. When all the heavy duty shopping is done, that’s when most people turn their attention toward stocking stuffers also known as stocking fillers in the United Kingdom, the fun little gifts that people buy to fill stockings.

Stocking Fillers for Boys

The first thing that comes to mind for almost anyone who is buying a gift for boys is video games. The latest game is sure to put a smile on the face of most boys on Christmas morning. If you are thinking electronics for the boys, then you are in luck since there are more than enough little gadgets that fit in a stocking, whether it’s an mp3 player, hand held video game, or memory card. Socks and underwear are also a great choice for boys.

Stocking Fillers for Girls

Similar to the choices for boys, there are electronics for girls as well; mp3 players and cell phones being pretty high on the list. The latest Barbie and loads of fashions for her and her friends will fit in a stocking. Or perhaps your little girl wants a new purse or cool accessories to go with her favorite outfit.

Stocking Fillers for Mom

Mom’s favorite perfume should fit nicely into the stocking and is sure to please. Cosmetics are also a good stocking filler for mom. As always, dad needs to be reminded to never ever fill the stocking with a new broom or mop or anything else related to household chores! Tickets for a Caribbean cruise are a definite winner or the keys to a new car.

Stocking Fillers for Dad

It’s hard to go wrong with a cool pair of cuff links or a really nice tie for dad, although a digital camera is also a nice way to say Happy Holidays as well. One way to pick something for dad is to just look back at what he got for Father’s day and hope he doesn’t remember (which he probably won’t) so you can repeat it! But just as with mom’s gifts, don’t pack it with drill bits and other material for house repairs and DIY. A stocking filler for dad should ideally be something small that he will love, not force him to repair the house or clean the car!

There are so many things that fit into a stocking that will put a smile on someone‚Äôs face at Christmas. It’s completely up to the gift giver as to whether the stocking filler should be high end, novelty, or just a small little gift to tease before the main event.

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